Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wow... It's been FOREVER

So.. it's been awhile, huh?  Mostly because we've started up a Facebook page, and I keep forgetting to post here.  :/  YAY!  Go me!

If you're interested in seeing us on FB, here's the link to join our page:

I'll try to remember to update here, too.  :)

The Ratscue is still going strong.  We have a bunch of new babies that came to us as two "Ooops" litters.  (We NEVER breed.  Every rat that comes through here is a rescue.)  They're adorable.  I will be listing their genders and availability as we get everyone sorted.  We're very happy to say there's been some interest and a few have already been promised to very happy homes (including the two mamas!)

I haven't been receiving notifications about comments on this blog, so it might be easier to just go to the the FB page and comment if you see something you are interested in here, or email me at

So the babies that will be available within the next few weeks are:

Two grey and one cream coloured (males) dumbos.  These guys have just opened their eyes, so they're a couple of weeks old!

We have 9  black dumbos, born to a rex mama.  They are still too young to tell if they're rex, but they are definitely dumbo.  :)   Eyes still aren't open so they're just over a week old.    We have not sorted genders yet.

And we have 5 babies that will be joining us to go up for adoption once they're weaned from their mama in a couple of weeks.  They are all beige hooded dumbos.   There are 2 girls and 3 boys.

Any rat adopted from our Ratscue is to be adopted as a PET only.  No feeders, no breeders.  Don't forget to look us up on Facebook!  :D

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