Saturday, July 25, 2015

All The Squee That's Fit to Print

So many updates in such a short time!  These little babies are growing fast!
One adopter stopped by today to pick out 3 little girls to take home next week - and they might just make it a foursome!   So exciting!

These faces... I can't even stand how adorable they are:

Mama Zoe and Mama Chloe (who have been co-parenting both of their litters) are doing really well, and the person who's going to adopt them when all of the babies are weaned is really looking forward to them coming home!  There was a third "oops" litter because the mamas were left with the papas by the previous owner before coming to us, so right after Zoe gave birth, she fell pregnant again - and she just had seven more babies!  This will be her very last litter since we have been super-diligent about separating boys from girls at the 4.5 week mark.  It looks like the 7 latest babies are growing in dark fuzz (all but one - so that will probably be another ruby-eyed off-white).  

We will also be getting in some babies from other "oops" litters from different locations in Southern Ontario.  There will be many opportunities to adopt in the next few weeks!  Stay tuned for updates, or visit us on Facebook!  We already have a couple of pictures on our Facebook page of some really pretty tan-hooded dumbo babies that will be ready to be adopted in a week or two!

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