Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My, How They've Grown - An Update

It feels like it happened just a short while ago - our rescue gaining 13 new ratties, and then a couple of weeks later, some pink bundles of joy.  Here we are a week later - the pink nuggets aren't pink anymore - they all have fur.  Some curly, some straight!  And the first litter is already trying to climb the bars of the cage!  It won't be long now until these adorable little guys are ready for adoption!  If you are interested, please email us at tjratscue@gmail.com to ask questions or book an appointment!

Terra's Babies Updated Pics:

Maddie's Babies Updated Pics:

Aggie's (Was Egg, she's chosen a new name) Babies Updated Pics:

Adorable, aren't they??  :)  As you can see, all but one are PEW - some are Rex, some are smooth. All are socialized and happy to be picked up.

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