Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is just the beginning...

And we're live in 3.... 2.... 1.....

Well, hey!  Didn't see you there.  How ya doin'?

Allow us to introduce ourselves.  We're Trish and John's Ratscue.  There's usually a bunch of us on any given day, but we're always warm, comfy, clean, our bellies are full, and there's always time for snoogles and scritches!

This blog will be what's new, who's new, what's happening, and whatever happens to come out of the keyboard.  :)

Things are pretty exciting here lately.  We welcomed a bunch of new ratties.  Boys and girls had to be separated as they came in the door - and you know what THAT means!  Yep.  NEW babies!  Three lots of them!  So we'll have a bunch ready for adoption in about 5 weeks!  SO EXCITING!  Also.. a little crazy.  Mama rats be cray.  Tip of the day:  NEVER leave boy rats and girl rats together.   Not even for a SECOND.  We're quick, and we know how to take advantage!

Our next post will be pics of the newest little pink balls of.. pink... and the following posts will be as we follow their development.  They are seriously cute.  

So.. welcome to our blog.. feel free to post comments.   We love to hear about how adorable we are.  ;)

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